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The first University Electronic Games (UEG) lasted more than two months and involved nearly 900 students, this is the Student Union of the University of Debrecen’s largest self-organized online competition to date.

What are the game categories?

In a total of six games – League of Legends (LOL), Valorant, FIFA 21 PlayStation and Xbox, Hearthstone, Chess (LiChess) and Honfoglaló- university students grab controllers. In LOL and Valorant, team competitions are held, while in others, only individual competitions are held.


It is not surprising that so many people were interested in the competition, as the championship title is accompanied by a prize of 20.000 HUF, and the podium finishers do not leave cyberspace empty-handed: the 2nd place is worth a University sweater and the 3rd is a university scarf.

UEG Season 1. In Numbers

Summary Datas



Season 2 Updates


1.000.000 HUF PRIZE POOL

1,000,000 HUF total prize pool! For the 2nd season of the University of Electronic Games, we are preparing more than HUF 1 million worth of material and scholarship prizes. This also exceeds the total prize money of the previous season.

New website and forum

Our biggest innovation is UEG’s own interface, www.ueg.unideb.hu. From this season the players will be able to register and apply for various games on a unique, stand-alone interface of the tournament. The results of the matches and the important informations about the tournament will also be available there.

Extended Rules

Based on the players and organizers experiences of the previous season, we have shaped and expanded our existing rules of the games. In addition to the new games, the rules for existing games have also been updated.

UEG Season 2. in numbers



Season 3 News

Discord servers

For this season we use Discord servers for the following games: League of Legends, Counter Strike: GO, Valorant, Rocket League, HearthStone. 

UEG Season 3. in numbers

8 Game
132 Teams
932 Players
3237 Played Match

Season 4 updates

New prizes

In the 4th season, our reward system was expanded with gamer prizes. High-end gamers can win valuable gamer mouse, headsets and mouse pads.

Offline finals

In Season 4, players who advance to the semi-finals will automatically qualify for the offline finals, which will be held at the Campus Festival on Summer!